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Grand Hyatt Chengdu (Chengdu Minya Hotel), Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Le restaurant de Venise est cuisiné par un chef italien qui vous offre un goût italien.Chao Yue Xiangzhong restaurant principal pousser le bouddhisme flottant mur, tels que Chuan, Yue Yue, xiangzhu cuisine.Le lieu idéal pour la réunion commerciale de haut de gamme Yujin Hall, avec une superficie totale de 900 mètres carrés, peut accueillir 810 personnes en même temps et peut être divisé en trois salles de conférence indépendantes en fonction de vos besoins.Il y a également Yue Rong Hall, Yue Jun Hall pour les petites et moyennes réunions, les conseils d 'administration de la conception.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Nous avons de haute qualité des chambres d 'amis, des installations de loisirs riches, un service chaleureux, accueillir sincèrement les invités du Quatuor à venir à descendre!
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  • guoyi0309
    Location is good, very close to the highway, originally ordered the building, returned to the hotel for a free upgrade to the main building, facilities very good, service very good, health was good, pool is relatively large.
  • bb Dad
    High performance-price ratio
  • greatfun
    Easy, that is, without breakfast
  • Lumeigaohuo
    Convenient location, quiet environment, suitable for business trips
  • cicit521
    All right
  • i_love_ly
    Himself live of Deputy floor, four star standard, in yihou smoke taste very very big, House open window open is unlikely to, so ventilation also no, too late has also on endure has sleep has. second days directly to front desk requirements for smoke-free room, finally for has a smoke taste small of. Deputy floor 3 layer of accommodation can directly through corridor go to main building to, will after gym outside. pool of problem is for has clothes yihou also to from front desk after about, not know how design of. night also has KTV, to wants toSing.
  • cavean
    Good location, located in the Yulin region, around the dining convenience.
  • aliceji2011
    Nice hotel, good service attitude. No uniform and WiFi, is to give the visitor a small router myself. not convenient for transportation, special taxis difficult to play.
  • LRY later
    Hotel convenient to airport traffic, back door convenience stores. good choice
  • Orville
    On the second street behind the loop edge close to the Metro but lots of food
  • fly4212
    The room is too small
  • e00133435
    Good, quiet location but more difficult to find.
  • d02305581
    Have lived here, this cheap
  • bancalife
    Very good standard of five-star service
  • wilsonpolly
    There was an error
  • e00153018
    Chengdu travel booked this hotel for the first time, overall, a good atmosphere, a little grade felt. b is the arrival, without any restriction, anyone can access, feeling a little dangerous.
  • alban911
    Hotel was very warm and worthy of being a four-star standard, not far from the high-tech zone.
  • babyted
    Pretty good
  • fox_fujia
    Overall pretty good. is the room ... breakfast.
  • e04967602
    Live floor, the room is too small, not satisfied with the price, as Shanghai Minya. buffet good.
  • e01048506
    Called the five-star hotel in Chengdu, the most value-for-money, convenient location and the room clean and tidy, value for money excellent, highly recommended.
  • surian02
    Hotel and room facilities are quite and comfortable environment
  • bdsjing
    Annexe room facilities. and part of old
  • jwg572612
    Other good is 'restaurant on the second floor on the basis of the regular price per room daily 50 Western cash to offset concessions (not for breakfast, Group buys and special offers during)' the friendliest front desk do not seem to realize there is no specific coupons, if it is ' gimmicks ', it still needs to be improved
  • singleladies
    That's good
  • eddy Ryuu Ryuu
    Like the
  • Anne0620
    It's OK
  • e02348560
    Multiple booking, very satisfied. price is too unstable
  • AWayJiang
    All right
  • roselin
    High performance-price ratio is worth staying
  • jeffluo
    Too few parking spaces, waiting a long time to park the car. feel the price small expensive little expensive.
  • e00007356
    Small room, breakfast boring ... nice!
  • e01312335
    Building you know
  • am8868
    Annex building was very inconvenient. Shower had mold. Only had warm water. Old district. Not really walkable.
  • biabiabibiba
    Very comfortable stay, friendly staff, good service attitude, in short the trip very well, food rich dishes, tastes good ... next time I will stay there again.
  • puafis
    Hardware also line, convenient service not up to much, and the receptionist, checkout time is too long
  • angsi010
    Hotel in great location, was very close to Yulin, small room, old simple facilities, sanitation, noise effects, waiter service.
  • coco7700
    ' Very good
  • carsonyuen
    Very discontent meaning! carpet is dirty, room in a unit strong of smoke taste. out do please security help called taxi, Security said car into not to, let we himself run to hotel behind to playing of. second days through front desk Miss message is and can put taxi called to hotel door has. payment Shi repeatedly requirements put zhiqian of credit card pre authorized revoked, but had has one days Hou query Bank pre authorized also is no revoked. times call past are no get solution, front desk said is I of credit card bankOf problem. but I of Bank said is other merchant or other collection Bank of problem. feel himself like a ball was people played to played to. later I said find lobby Manager complaints, front desk said lobby Manager in busy, later will to I back phone. I left has phone,, has been no people to I back phone. Fortunately later night query to pre authorized finally revoked has. What is I times call zhihou only to I revoked of, also is Hotel collection Bank of revoked lag led to I side query not toAnd no one has given me a reasonable explanation.
  • e00729320
    Very good hotel, convenient, good service attitude.
  • liuyiguang
    One word ... ... All right
  • penglai
    Nice, take a taxi to the airport very convenient, service is also available.
  • lineayw
    Also, just so so!
  • morgan_ma
    Hotel location, transport facilities. rooms are clean.
  • e00030445
    Service was very good, breakfast was good, second ring road has been recently repaired, so a bit of a mess, the next time you stay
  • erere
    NET room foolhardy. facilities can.
  • feronaleo
    Hotels in aging
  • ringa
    Second stay, very nice hotel!
  • dannyai
    Inexpensive, nice! great!
  • albee0806
    Pricing is reasonable, Qi overall facilities equipment