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Blockbuster: ningbo, China home industry expo debut, focusing on the home stay facility industry event

Date: 2018-11-17

Home stay facility in ningbo, China expo 2018 will take "seeking capital for beautiful, let the wisdom to create wealth;Native to make cities more yearning "as the theme, set up a home stay facility industry as the core of enterprise docking, industry planning, multiple investment operations, environmental construction, wisdom, innovation aggregation service platform, promote the development of ningbo open global tourism strategy.

☞ this exhibition will adopt unique "1 + 1 + N" pattern, the exhibition is a show, a BBS, N.

The home stay facility peak BBS

Exhibition BBS will invite domestic home stay facility industry representative, authoritative experts and scholars, outstanding home stay facility owners, government officials and other higher-ups at home stay facility industry, analyzes the current situation of the development of the home stay facility angles in this paper, the future development direction of the home stay facility, for the development direction of exhibition home stay facility owner provide guidance.

BBS will also invite the famous designer of a home stay facility, set up with the home stay facility design as the theme of home stay facility in the salon, communicate with the home stay facility owner to discuss the home stay facility design.


Home stay facility in zhejiang blue book establishes a home stay facility policies and regulations and standards, the peak BBS will be based on this, this paper discusses how to rapid and healthy development of the home stay facility enterprise become a veritable "platinum home stay facility".


BBS for institutional release of a home stay facility data, will be invited to provide reference data for the majority of home stay facility enterprise, more reasonable choice of home stay facility development and the management train of thought.


Exhibition has been sticking to "let go out of home stay facility" exhibition, the exhibition special invited from China, Taiwan, South Korea and other countries and regions of the home stay facility enterprise, guests and the audience, provide a forum for home stay facility industry at home and abroad to exchange.

A home stay facility roadshow

The exhibition of the craftsmanship opened a home stay facility roadshow, invited exhibition home stay facility owners, suppliers in the show the roadshow.At the same time, the 12 Chinese best home stay host will also take part in the roadshow in ningbo, with the home stay facility practitioners from around the world share a home stay facility management experience, to share a home stay facility products, explore the home stay facility industry trends.

The onsite publicity

The exhibition for exhibitors, no dead Angle in the promotion of the packaging of all, based of the tickets, in addition to the exhibition catalogue, handbag, visit the guide, with the hand, the scene of the sign, the flag will be to promote corporate and product.

The exhibition online publicity

Publicity of the exhibition not only increased, also increased a lot of new publicity channels.The exhibition will invite, including netease, phoenix nets, sohu, tencent, more than 20 of the mainstream media, and including hornet nest, ctrip, the ass mother hundreds of industry media reported on the scene.

Trill as the present one of the most popular music creative short video social software, the event will be the introduction of this new type of social software, set up the cartoon photographic plate and other fun activities, encourage the audience upload trill short video shooting, to achieve the purpose of wide coverage.

A home stay facility mart

The show will set up a home stay facility market, to provide low-cost products for home stay facility (attractions tickets, accommodation, etc.), home of the platform.

Tao: "tao" to the best of all the home stay facility, "discount" in the scenery alone good

Enjoy: enjoy convenient home stay facility, diversity of experience amorous feelings

Beauty: taste easy times, together happy life

A home stay facility planning

Exhibition will be to scene arrangement, the pavilion to the integral style of the pavilion for fine design and decoration, the whole scene prominent individuality, freedom, along with the gender style of home stay facility.

Application for home stay facility culture is relatively frequent tea culture and buddhist culture, set up the tea zen culture area.Zen tea here, discussion "zen tea blindly", "tea zen ikkyu" cultural thoughts and philosophy in the specific application of home stay facility and practice.

Exhibition intends to set up hundreds of home stay facility, to build a home stay facility enterprise instant communication, information sharing, thought collision platform, common witness at the same time, promote the healthy development of the industry of home stay facility.